Friday, February 27, 2015

January 5th Weekly Update

Hello! This week was pretty exciting! Tuesday Sister Richardson came to Beech Grove for exchanges and we were going to start the day by going to see a less active, Allen Skaggs, and tracting around his house, but when we knocked, this girl, Sylvia, answered the door. Turns out I was looking at an old ward roster and now the Vasquezes live there, who are related to him in some way that I don't remember. The Vasquezes are a part member family and Sylvia was living with them, but I didn't know if she'd been taught by missionaries before. It was super awkward, I had no idea what to do! We just talked to her and then I was about to share a scripture with her and asked if she knew much about the Book of Mormon when she said she'd been taught by missionaries before. Sister Richardson asked why she stopped, and she said it was because she went to college and lost touch, but had been thinking about coming back to church! We got her address and referred the missionaries from her campus to her and invited her to church! It was so cool! Then when we were tracting we met Stephanie, a mom who was looking for a church for her kids! 
Wednesday Sister Peel and I had like no miles left, so we tracted the rest of the neighborhood for a few hours! It was super cold and people kept shutting the door on us but I kept asking questions as they were shutting the door, to see if they knew anyone we could share a message with or if we could say a prayer with them, especially because we're working a lot on referrals! One guy was shutting the door and when I asked him, he was like "oh, and we watch BYUTV!" after saying he was too busy to talk to us. Finally at the end of the day when we were with investigator family, the Jones, we asked for a referral and they gave us a way solid one! We saw her the other day and there were so many things going on in her life that she needed the gospel for so much but she wasn't quite ready. We're going to give her a little time and go back! 
One night all our appointments were falling through so we tried making cookies with our Indiana cookie cutter and they did not turn out! They looked a little bit like really obese Indianas!
Also, during weekly planning the toilet in our appartment broke so we were like dying for a few hours until after lunch we ran to target on our way to see a recent convert, and laughed about our missionary problems!
"I need to live in a bubble, but I'd probably suffocate in it or something" Tyneka, who is always hurting herself!
"My wife and I used to go to the temple every week and I'd fight with her everytime saying we'd just gone last week and after every time she didn't say anything but I knew that she knew that I knew she was right" Brother Kistemann
"On exchanges the other day I fell off like 3 porches!" me
love you! Have a good week!

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