Friday, February 27, 2015

January 26th Weekly Update

What a week!
This week we worked with Relief Society a lot on finding and contacting less actives, but were rejected by most of them! Monday one of them called the cops on us because we left a note in their door and they thought we were trying to break in. We were trying a few in the same neighborhood and had already gone to the next house, were parked in front and mid prayer, when we realized there were flashing lights behind us. We turned the car back on so we could roll down the window and they asked if we'd been on a street called Ithica way. We were like "oh ya, we actually were!" and they said someone called them because they heard their doorknob jiggling and they thought someone was trying to break in. Sister Gil promptly told them we were from their church and just wanting to visit them, "we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Also known as Mormons!" I almost thought she was going to ask if they'd heard of it before or had a faith in Jesus Christ! They asked our names and I said "Sister Evans and Sister Gil!" And Sister Gil said "Nicole Gil and--" and I said "Amanda Evans!" and they said "ok, and you left a note in their door?" and then he said something to another officer on the other side of us we noticed just then, and got back in their cars and left. That was definitely the first time I'd been pulled over! We knocked on the door we were stopped at, left a note, and went home real quick! The next day the elders were also having a rough one so we had pizza at Sister Banks, and milkshakes the next night! The crazy thing is we had tons of less actives at church, yesterday!
We did get to meet with a part member family yesterday who just found out the husband has cancer. They were super humbled and excited for a message and help from the Relief Society! They chatted with us for a couple hours and it was so great! We watched the video "Mountains to Climb" with them and all cried. 
Another exciting bit of news is that Nora from Mishawaka is going to be a gospel doctrine teacher! Oh my, she is amazing and I am so excited for her!! I can't believe it's been 5 months since she was baptized!

Favorite quotes!
"Bree open the door, I wanna talk to you! And these ladies want yo mama!!" A girl beating us to the door while tracting

"I don't got no bologna, I got cheese!!" Sister Banks

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