Friday, February 27, 2015

February 2nd Weekly Update and Pictures

Highlights of the week!
On Wednesday after District meeting the elders asked us to come PC campus with them because Sister Gil served on another campus for a few months and we were not finding any new investigators tracting our neighborhood. The three of us mostly watched Sister Gil for a minute but then hopped in and tried, ourselves! It was pretty crazy and we met some pretty cool people! One of them was named Colton and he struck up a conversation with us while we were inside warming up for a minute. He talked about how he was researching cancer because his grandma was going through cancer for the second time, and we told him about the Book of Mormon. He was excited to read it and wants to learn more! He's super busy with going to work and school from home in Avon, but we're going to keep trying!
The other day we were trying Less Actives again and were referred by one less active (Sister Myers) to another (Dorthea), and got to share a scripture with her (Dorthea) and a friend (Amy)! They said they work a lot so it's going to be hard to see them again, but it was super cool they both happened to be there when we stopped by! Yesterday we went to meet her mom and brother (the Goodners) and found a nonmember there! His name was Mike and after we shared a scripture with Dagon (Goodner) Mike asked if we could pray for his daughter who had just passed away. We shared a little bit of the restoration with Mike and tried to give him a Book of Mormon but the print was too small for him to read. Nonetheless he is excited to learn more when we go back to see Sister Goodner on Tuesday! Wahoo for new investigators!!
Yesterday was an intense day at church! Ricky Taylor (returning less active) got called to be a gospel doctrine teacher, which he is perfect for him! and Jenny Taylor (recent convert) was so excited to be called as a visiting teacher she spit all over me telling me about it, which was pretty funny! Testimony meeting was AMAZING because Sister Durtschi, the Relief Society President, who's been trying to get over pnemonia so they can do surgery on a tumor behind her optic nerve they just found, was there and bore her testimony. Everyone was so glad to see her and has been praying so much for her family! The Sanders also bore their testimonies because Brother Sanders spent a lot of last week in the hospital with heart failure. Brother Durtschi sat behind Sister Durtschi as she was bearing her testimony and put his arm around her to walk back to their bench, it was so sweet! Then Sister Marks was bearing her testimony and said how sweet it was to watch two of the Durtschi kids watch their mom and dad walk up there and the boy just put his arm around the other and hugged them. I'm pretty there were no dry eyes there! Even better, Tyneka's daughter, Akaiah, went to church with the Sperry girls and Sister Pitcher was called as the seminary teacher! 

Helping at Sister Banks' farm

​Favorite Quotes!
"You ain't gonna be my husband!!" Sister Banks upset with Brother Pace pushing her cart

"We're gonna get you feelin' better and we're gonna get you running and jumping! I don't know why you like those things but we're gonna get you doing that!" Sister Steadman

"I'll buy your lunch!!" Sister Banks, when we had a lunch appointment when she wanted us to come to her farm
"Sister Gil, do you know what 'on sale' means??" Sister Banks, almost buying us 10 Reece's Peanut Butter spreads because they were on sale

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