Friday, February 27, 2015

February 9th Weekly Update

Highlights of the week! Wednesday we stopped by to see Donna because she hadn't been answering our texts, and she was not only home, but her husband, Todd, was home too! He came home from the hospital and had been there for just a few days. They were huge chatter boxes and we were there for so long I had to go to the bathroom part way through, but we taught them the restoration! It was sweet, and Donna thought it was so cool! We don't have a solid return appointment but they said we can stop by again soon! 
We also found A NEW INVESTIGATOR!! Our first feat was to find a neighborhood that we could tract in because so many are no soliciting! We were walking around and we saw this guy out playing with his kids so we walked over and talked to him. He was super cool and his family was so sweet! We are going back to teach him Tuesday and are so excited! After we finally found another street we could tract we met this cute couple, the Vanlous, whose daughter and son in law were Mormon! Their son used to be Mormon, they said, and went on a mission, but had a lot of doubts after and decided not to keep going. They were pretty strong in their own religion but we talked to them about Family History and exchanged numbers so maybe we'll be able to go by again and show them more! We'll see.
 We went by the Vasquez family this week as well and they had a lot of non member visitors there! One of them even said he saw us earlier that week at a restaurant called Papa Roux's we went to as a district after district meeting! Another sweet thing that happened this week was when we were eating with the Sanders after we said the closing prayer Brother Sanders asked if he could add to the prayer, and prayed that we would be able to find new investigators. What a sweet, humble family!

Favorite quotes!
"Do you have English? I know he looks ethnic but..." Sydney, a former investigator, after we accidentally gave her a Spanish family history card

"He already peed on me twice so he doesn't get to sit on my lap" Stephanie, who we met at the Vasquezes, talking about their excited dog

"Elder Diaz could you possibly reach that? I'm not too flexible when I'm full" Elder Cathcart

"This cold weather's gotta suck for your knees!" President Cleveland
" does!" me
"They should've sent you to Tampa or something!" President Cleveland
"Ya! Maybe next time!" me
"There is no next time..." Sister Gil

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