Friday, February 27, 2015

December 29 Weekly Update

What a week!

On the 23rd Sister Peel received a prompting to go see a former investigator, Mr. Jameson, who she had seen with her previous companion, Sister Vidmar, but he was taking care of his wife with cancer and trying to help her through the holidays. He came out as we were pulling up to tell us it was not a good time, because his wife had passed away a few hours earlier. It was so sad! We shared Alma 7:11-13 with him about the atonement and cried most of the way home that Heavenly Father trusted us to go take care of him. Later in the week we went to see another former, Todd, with MS. His wife answered the door, and asked if we could give blessings. We told her we couldn't, but could find someone who could for her, and she was excited. She said her husband's aunt was serving a senior mission for our church and kept telling him he should get a blessing. We got her number and said we'd call to set up a time for the blessing, it was so cool! We talked to some members pretty close to them about going to give him a blessing and be a friend to their family. 

Yesterday at church one of our Recent Converts, Sister Chisler, had a friend in Gospel Principles while we were talking about final judgement, which we were a little nervous about! Afterward I was talking to her and found out she was less active, which was a relief! Her name is Pam and she is living with her parents while going through a divorce and trying to help some wayward kids, so her life is a little crazy! At first she just said she was going through a rough time, but the more I talked to her, the more she shared her life story! I told her that we texted quotes and scriptures each day to a group of people and asked if she'd like us to send her some as well, which she did, and we got her number. She was so sweet, we are definitely praying for her!

Yesterday we had a super sweet lesson with the returning to activity/recent convert family, the Taylors, about family history and the temple. They have a son who is deaf and a daughter who has down syndrome and is deaf, so talking about their eternal family was so sweet! We talked about when they would be sealed next year, on October 17th and they invited me to go with them:)

Favorite Quotes! (I forgot to write most of them this week, and my camera is dead...sorry!)
"Happy birthday, brother Jesus! Amen" Sister Burtzo

"That was sassy, sister Evans! I'm proud" Elder Mortenson

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