Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept 29 Weekly Update and Pictures

Weekly Updates!
This week we had some amazing finding experiences with the spirit and teaching others of how to feel it! Last Monday at the library we were emailing and the man at the computer next to me was struggling with the mouse and internet and technology in general so I talked to him and helped him and he talked to me for a bit before finding out I was a missionary. After he found out we were missionaries we had a sweet gospel conversation and he asked us to pray for his friend. His name is Brother Marshall and he's from South Bend but the South Bend Sisters were with us so we quickly referred him and they set up an appointment! After he was done emailing we went in a corner and prayed, all 6 of us from that table he told us he was so blessed to sit on, which was crazy! The Sisters taught him last week on exchanges and already have another appointment with him!
Wednesday we were tracting and got a referral from a guy who thought it was great we were missionaries but told us that as long as you're serving God, it doesn't matter what church you go to, which we get a lot in Mishawaka! We went over to see her and she was so sweet! Her name was Christina and she was going through a divorce, so a message helped so much! We gave her a five minute restoration lesson which we have been practicing a lot in the mission, when we asked if she had five minutes we could tell her more about our message after the initial contact and she said yes, just like we'd role played I could hardly believe it I was so excited! By the end of the lesson she had a great big smile and you could tell it was by the spirit! After sharing the first vision we asked how she felt and she said humbled, and good, and we taught her about the spirit, prompted by our learnings from mission conference! Since then we have been teaching about the spirit a lot and it is helping so many people! She wasn't feeling well when we saw her last but we will be trying back, soon!
Friday on exchanges we PCed into the nicest old man, Jim. After we began teaching him about the gospel we asked how he was feeling, and taught about the Holy Ghost. It's amazing because the spirit is so essential in conversion and a lot of times people feel it but don't appreciate or understand it! That's something we've been blessed by focusing on this week!
Updates on Ed, Pat, and Dennis:
Ed is progressing so well and makes us cry every lesson he is so prepared and sweet! We taught him about temples last week with Sister Shoff who travels a lot for work and fun, and he told her he'd be her temple buddy once he got to go through. Oh boy, we love them so much!
Dennis is continuing to progress, slowly but surely. We are still working on his testimony of the restoration, but he is learning more about the spirit and how to really study the Book of Mormon. We're bringing him to a member dinner tonight and will be teaching him about the Priesthood so we're excited! He's going through a divorce and is getting lonely, he offered to take us out for pizza sometime. We pray for him often. Yesterday he went to his normal church in the morning during our ward, and went to the Notre Dame ward with us after. They were having the Primary Program, which Dennis ended up loving! Before he was a little annoyed with the kids in Sacrament meeting, but once he appreciated they were there to learn as well, his heart was softened and it was so sweet!
Pat almost dropped us yesterday, but thankfully Sister Clegg had the prompting to go visit, even when we were super low on miles! We talked about her stress over her baptismal date and dropped the date but she agreed to continue having lessons. Oh boy, Satan's already working hard on her!
Favorite Scripture of the week:
Today I read Enos 1:11, about Enos seeking to convert others after he was converted, which reminded me of Jacob 7:24, and Alma 26:24, where others who were converted next sought to teach others. What a neat pattern, when we study the Atonement and gain a greater testimony of it, we are more desirous to share it with others!
Favorite Quotes
"That guy needs the gospel and a ride!" Sister Cutler

"I've got the girls--mission accomplished" Sister Shoff, after picking up Sister Clegg and me
"Alright, meet you at the rendezvous" Ed, after picking up pizza for dinner (AKA they are the coolest 60 year old couple you will ever meet!)
"and Sister Evans if you feel prompted to walk, don't do it! I mean--" Mishawaka Elders, trying to help me with my knees.

Sister Clegg's baptism last week

we got to see the temple progress!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24 Weekly Update

Weekly updates!
Last week we tried to meet with Dan but his grandmother passed away and things with his family were super busy! We were so sad, but can hopefully stop by and set up another appointment with him. We had a member, Sister Hogue, lined up and there by the time we found out he didn't want to meet because the grandmother had died earlier that day, but we got to share a message with her in her car as it poured outside. Despite the lack of preparation, the spirit was so strong and we were able to share a scripture and few things that she appreciated so much! We even remembered to ask for a referral, which is something we've been working on!
One night we didn't have much time left to work and it was too dark to tract, so we decided to stop by the Bryces. We scared them at first because it was getting later, but had a great mini lesson with their family! The kids were super excited to see us, the parents were surprised we were still serving in the area, which I think means they weren't as excited that we were there! We talked about praying, though, and they said they had been praying as a family. Jocelyn said the closing prayer and it was so good, we knew they really had been praying together, and faithfully! Hopefully we can use the excitement from the kids to keep brother and sister Bryce going!
This weekend we had the rare opportunity to go to Westfield for the baptism of an investigator named Tim, that Sister Clegg taught. His wife was a member and daughters baptized, which makes me want to baptize a part member family so much! They drove 2.5 hours to get us, fed us, and we got to stay at their house! They were so sweet and it was so fun getting to know them! Even after just 24 hours together, Sister Dellinger had my email and address and everything, determined to be lifelong friends!
Yesterday we had zone conference with Elder Perkins from the 70, which was amazing! He and his wife were so sweet and so inspired, we learned so much!! We learned about the doctrine of families because our goal is to baptize families, how to live the wisdom more fully on our missions, how to teach the restoration more simply, and even had a sister group hug! We think we'll stay in our own area for a while:) By the time we got back in the car to drive home from Lafeyette, also 2.5 hours away, we all felt like casting ourselves on our beds like Lehi!

Something I learned this week: The Restoration in 10 words: "God loves you! Prophets are back! You can know! Baptism?"
Favorite Quotes!
"Eat more food, sister Clegg!" Elder Nyman
"I'm from Salina, Utah, made famous by Ephraim's Rescue!" Elder Rasmussen
" know, waka flocka flame..." Elder Nyman
"What time is it?" me
"Time to get some wings!" Sister Clegg
"Lost?" Mishawaka Elders
"but now am found!" me
"I've heard everything" Doug
"Well you haven't heard my testimony!" me
"and I don't want to" Doug
"wait what?" me
"At the wedding I threatened the camera lady, I told her do not take my picture, I'm wanted by the police!" Patricia Ann
"You didn't yawn, that means you're 50% psychopath" Brittany Braley, to sister Clegg
"No, it means there's a 50% chance you're a sociopath! I took psychology!" Adrian Braley
"sight and sound, sight and sound--Marco! Marco!" Elder Nyman
"Polo, YOLO!" Elder Rasmussen
"Boy scouts...once you're in, you never get out" Chris Sammons
"It's like the mafia" Brother Smith
"Oh we try until we're very very sure people don't like us!" me
"Well I can't imagine anyone not liking you!" Sis Jacobson
"Oh, it happens!" Sister Clegg
"You've been like beating me up with love!" Dennis
"don't worry, we're in that boat, too! We're super white, remember?" me to Dennis
"Oh wow she spoiled us!" Sister Clegg
"She spoiled us with vegetables!!" me
"6. Set goals and make plans for lessons to be taught to all other investigators--is that the pizza man? I need to go to the bathroom" Sister Clegg while weekly planning
"This is like me and these are like the missionaries" Dominic and his lego guys
"That's Sister Evans? She looks kinda creepy" Sister Clegg
"Ya, that's Darth Vader" Dominic
"Ch ch what's missing? U R" Church sign
"What happened here changed the earth" me, messing up a quote about the restoration changing the world
"Sorry, we didn't practice this that much!" Tori singing at Tim's baptism
"and substituting the law" AKA sustaining the Law, Article of Faith 12 Primary Program
"mom said we're having cookies for lunch but she can't have one cause she's on a diet" Tori Dellinger
"Brother Dellinger..." Sis Clegg
"Ya, I'm a bro now!" Tim
"And sister Clegg what's your mom's name?" Sister Dellinger
"What is this, family history?" Tim
"You're not awfully persistant, you're pleasantly persistant!" Tim to Sis Clegg
"Steppy--that's a nice name for someone who likes to be called Steppy" Sister Clegg
"Wow that truck is really suspended above...above" Sis Dellinger
"I don't know if it's because I'm naturally not as hot or because of what I'm wearing..." me
"We had to man handle that church tour...sometimes you have to man handle the situation a little" Sister Clegg
"Why didn't Lamanites kneel to pray?" Sister Cutler
"Because of all the Nephites" Sis Cutler
"Hahaha!" everyone in the car
*a few seconds later* "Oh, knee fights!!" me

"What's the 'blank' of the law of chastity?" Elder Perkins
"Don't 'blank'!"
"gotta love Jynx, sometimes you just wanna ring her neck, though!" Elder Perkins
Pictures may or may not come in another email when I figure out this computer!
Sister Evans

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15 Weekly Update and Pictures

Hello friends! If you asked for a copy of my first talk, here it is!! It went pretty well :)

I. Good afternoon, brothers and sisters! I'm Nora and this is my FIRST TALK EVER! I'm from Mishawaka. I am a freshman at Elmhurst College studying speech pathology and moved into this ward 3 and a half weeks ago. I was baptized on August 9th, and first I'd like to talk a little about that.

II. I was introduced to the church by my best friend Camden, who is now serving his mission in Bogota, Colombia.. He kind of tricked me into having my first missionary lesson. At first i was a little upset at his sneakiness, but now I know he was just excited to share this gospel with me. And of course, once I had my first lesson, I couldn't help but agree to meet with the missionaries every week. Everything they taught me made sense. It was all reasonable enough and I loved learning with them. For some reason, though, i didn't feel ready to be baptized for a long time. I think it had something to do with my uncertainty about several other aspects of my future: what to study in school, if i even chose the right school to go to, and whether or not I had a chance with Camden in two years (people laughed here). I wanted all these answers to come to me somehow. So I prayed about it. I prayed a lot about whether or not I should be baptized, and no answers came at the start. I thought i was doing everything I had to, coming forth with a broken heart and contrite spirit and asking honestly what I should do. However, i found out i was missing a piece in my prayers when I read about Joseph Smith in Ensign. In a talk called "If Ye Lack Wisdom" by Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis of the seventy, the actions of Joseph Smith are discussed when he was seeking wisdom. He, too, asked in faith and with an honest heart. However, Elder Aidukaitis says, he also  "was ready to act upon the answer he would receive, even before he prayed." Before Joseph Smith went into the grove of trees and prayed to the Lord, he knew that he would act on anything that the Lord prepared for him. That is what I lacked when it came to my baptism. I wanted all the answers which God could provide, but I wasn't ready to ACT on them. Once I prayed and I was ready to act on any answer that Heavenly Father offered me, He revealed that THIS was the way I'm supposed to live the rest of my life. In THIS church. Living THIS gospel. So I was baptized! The rest of the answers that I desired from Heavenly Father would be revealed to me later in my life, and I was perfectly fine knowing that. None of those things mattered if I had this Gospel as my foundation.

III. This brings me to my next point, which is living the Gospel. Living the gospel means to live as Heavenly Father would have us live. It means to have regular prayer and meaningful scripture study, give dutiful service, and be an example to family and friends. President Gordon B. Hinckley stated at General conference that living the Gospel applies to everything we do, and this is true. It applies to work, school, family, and other responsibilities. Living the Gospel is the formula we need to endure to the end and return to our Father in Heaven. It might not always be easy to follow these teachings on a daily basis. But something that comforts me is Romans 12:1, which says, 
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

Something that always stands out to me in this scripture is that it says REASONABLE service; Heavenly Father wouldn't ask us to anything we weren't capable of. Furthermore, when we consider the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us, any sacrifice we have to make by living the Gospel is, by comparison, quite reasonable. It helps to keep that in mind as we live the Gospel more fully.

As we diligently read our scriptures, pray, and live by the standards that we're supposed to, we are infinitely blessed by Heavenly Father. I have experienced this firsthand with my baptism and with my obedience in the covenants I've made with Christ. Brothers and sisters, I encourage you to be as Joseph Smith was, and to be ready to ACT on whatever Heavenly Father puts on your path. I can testify that He will give you answers to your questions once you are ready to act on them. You will receive answers in His perfect timing when He knows that in your heart you are ready. I can also testify that living the Gospel will prepare you and help you be ready to act with complete trust in the Lord. And I say these things in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Weekly updates!
On Monday we took a tour of Notre Dame with a YSA that goes there and met a nun who took a picture with us! It was so great, I'll have to send the picture soon!
Wednesday we found a super sweet new investigator! We were tracting before dinner at the Smith's and found this sweet man who was Catholic, going through a divorce, and super receptive! We set up an appointment and taught him, and he was so receptive we probably taught too much, but we were so excited about how receptive he is and how close he is to the Smith's who will be awesome fellowship!
Thursday the member that was going to go with us to teach Dan fell through barely before we went to teach him, so we had a bit of an exciting dinner hour calling half the ward to find someone to teach with us! Like 30 minutes before our appointment we found a YSA to go with us which was a huge blessing! The spirit, as always, was super strong with Dan! He is amazing, it is so humbling to be able to teach him!

Saturday Ed and Sister Shoff were home so we got to have dinner with them and a lesson! They've both been through some tough times but have amazing faith! I don't know how I got so lucky to be able to be part of such an amazing thing, teaching them! They offered to adopt Sister Clegg and I, which we basically accepted.
Yesterday we had Pat and Ed in church with us, and we went to a later ward with Dennis. We asked Dennis how things were going without coffee and if he had tried the pretend coffee we gave him from the bishop. He made a little gagging face but thanked us for being so kind to bring it, which he said several times. He likes to pretend to be a big tough guy but he's really pretty sweet! We also taught Pat later that night, which was amazing! We found her in the garage when she was smoking but she let us in to teach her the plan of salvation. She knows the gospel is true, we are just working with her through the lessons, a couple of questions, and quitting. She has a hard time sleeping a lot so some weeks she can't make it to church, but it was so sweet, she told us she was so upset she couldn't make it to fast and testimony meeting last week because she wanted to bear her testimony of missionaries because of the answers and comfort we brought her! She also committed to November 9th to be baptized instead of March, with her granddaughter! Hopefully Sister Clegg and I will still be here, pray for my knees to make it a little longer in the North! Another quick highlight was a church tour with Rob, a member, Laura Smith's, boyfriend. We had a super chatty member from another ward come along, which made the tour an hour and a half instead of a half hour! It was a little stressfull and very late, but on our way out Sister Clegg told him not to worry about all the new information, that we'd help him, and he gave her a high five and said he knew it would be ok.
Favorite quotes!
"Wait, why is Carol here? Oh ya, it's a party!" me
"I hate it! It's like between a tickle and a stabbing pain!" Dan, when his foot fell asleep during a lesson
"'re wearing a skirt and you're wearing sweats..." Elder Rassmussen
"Ya, we went tracting like this" Sister Clegg, during our lunch break
later..."It's good to see you in a skirt! Don't take that the wrong way...I'm gonna go..." Elder Rasmussen
"We didn't get volunteered, we got volun-told!" Elder Nyman
"And your eyes are blue" Hunter, and why I was patriotic in 9/11
"I'm like the whitest white girl you'll ever meet--" Sister Clegg
"I like that!! I'm gonna write that down and use it!" Dennis
"I love you girls, and Jesus loves you!" Joseph, cute old man
"Are you writing me down?" Sister Clegg, as I write in my quote book
"Kaushik--say that 5 times fast and you'll probably swear!" Sister Clegg
"What did they feed me? I'm kinda hyper!" Sister Clegg
"The party don't start till Brother Petras (the ward mission leader) walk in" Elder Rasmussen
"let's not say that ever again" me
"You think conference is good, then you get on your mission and it's like Christmas! On steroids!" Sister Clegg

Sister Mckendrick's going away party at Anna's

Tracting in the rain with matching umbrellas

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Better Late Than Never

The Week of 6/23

Amanda lives on the corner of Esther and Ellen

Sister Ruth and I live on the corner of Esther and Ellen, so the other day I decided to read more about Esther. I learned that she was a missionary in a way, too! She was super awesome and so courageous! I have learned a lot about being courageous this week. Sister Ruth already knows everyone so well, they know her so well, and she has so much more experience teaching that it was hard to get in a few words edgewise. I've been working on it am most often able to testify, rather than teach, but am getting better. She has been an awesome trainer. Yesterday we got to teach Jessica who is almost a month clean from smoking and she was pretty excited to see us. Her mom was also getting into the lesson, and it was so great! Their enthusiasm about the gospel was so exciting and we practically left high fiving. It felt like the MTC and was such a boost! Since then our lessons have been getting better and better. Tonight we are teaching Dennis and having another member dinner. We have so many investigators it's hard to keep them straight! It definitely keeps us busy and on our toes. Yesterday Sister Ruth was feeling very stressed so we asked the elders to give us blessings and they were amazing! Our blessings were so similar which made me realize how similar Sister Ruth and I are and how much we need each other as companions! 

​The other night we went out for dinner with an awesome member who is not afraid to say what she thinks! We got into this intense discussion about Word of Wisdom and child abuse which I was a little worried about, but when we shared an actual message with her it was amazing! She is struggling with her son who is being rebellious so we brought a talk from the Ensign about faithful parents and wayward children which she absolutely loved! Sister Ruth and I talked about how the church had changed our lives and how we had gone on missions even after hard things and she loved it. She couldn't stop telling us how cute we were and how much she loved us and how we were such good missionaries. She tried to get me dessert but when I said I didn't eat sugar she went back into the Word of Wisdom for a minute and how healthy I must be before making our waiter go back and get me a bag of chips to take home. She was awesome, it is so fun having dinners with members! They are so helpful and giving!

On Saturday we were going to help the Bryces with a garage sell, but they canceled it and took us to breakfast, instead. Sister Ruth and Sister Bryce knew each other fairly well so they were pretty chatty and I was being a little quiet when Brother Bryce suddenly started telling us all these stories from his mission when he was super outgoing and talked to everyone, telling me I needed to talk more. I tried to hop in the conversation, but he just kept talking! He started talking about placing Books of Mormon so I asked quickly if they read it as a family, which allowed us to teach them about reading as a family. They said they did for a while when things were really rough, but stopped after things got better, and even threw in the fact that they had a puppy, now. I'm not sure why that was also included, puppies are lovely but not as good as the Book of Mormon! We committed them to read and scheduled an appointment with them while their daughter is at girls camp. She is very interested in the church and we are hoping that she has a great experience and helps her family to be more motivated to work to getting back into the gospel, for the dad, and getting the rest of the family in the gospel. She also told us that there was a huge sale at Bed Bath and Beyond, and we were barely able to say that that place was great when she offered to go get us a bunch of stuff, which they dropped off at our house that night. She was such a sweet lady, we couldn't believe all the things they got for us! We saw Jocelynn, their daughter, at church yesterday, and she said her mom had loved us. This made sister Ruth super excited because she said missionaries had tried to teach her before but she didn't like them very much because they didn't explain things super well where she didn't have much of a religious background. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 8 Weekly Update and Pictures

Weekly Highlights!
On Wednesday night we had ward correlation with an emphasis on active member lessons, and Sister Clegg and I both felt like visiting the Bryces, so we hurried over to talk to them really quick before curfew. We were catching up with Brother Bryce when the spirit took over and just started teaching him, it was so neat! We were hoping to set up an appointment but instead taught him, and hopefully helped! He wasn't at church, Sunday, but hope it helped our relationship with his family!
Thursday we ran from a Relief Society activity to a lesson with Dan, who we introduced to the Book of Mormon with the pictures in front. He is taking care of his grandma nights and working days and keeping his family and their friends going without hardly any sleep! He is an amazingly humble man! We texted him the other day and he has already followed through with our reading assignment and read a few chapters! We are so excited to meet with him again, tonight! Earlier that night we taught Dennis, who has a baptismal date for the 27th, about the Word of Wisdom, as he drank a mug of coffee. Last minute we got a member to come with us who had struggles with the Word of Wisdom in the past, and we had no idea! She was so sweet and perfect for that lesson! On Saturday we met the Elders at the church so they could give Dennis a lesson, which was so powerful! They asked why he wanted a blessing and he told them about how he wanted some help figuring out if this church was right for him and help quitting coffee. The spirit during that blessing was amazing and he even admitted that he appreciated Sister Clegg and I texting him at 4 in the morning to help him not drink coffee before work.
Friday, oh my, it was so exciting! We had dinner with a member, Tara, and shared verses from Mosiah 18 about the blessing of the companionship of the Holy Ghost we receive after baptism, and she was so excited she asked if we could read more verses after because they were some of her favorites! She said after we left last time we had dinner with her she was on such a spiritual high she ran in her room and read her scriptures, which made us smile! We were taking some trash out for her and her mom who is elderly and living with her when it started pouring! Our next appointments were all falling through and no one would answer their door so we ran around in the rain doing the best we could to find those searching for the gospel! At one door we couldn't avoid puddles any longer and broke down laughing so hard! We decided to stop by a recent convert, Brother Sandsmarck, and his family who kindly let us in to share a message. The spirit helped us know what their needs were and how we could share something to help them, which was pretty humbling and so neat to be a part of!
Saturday we went tracting around the Dave and Becky Smith's before dinner and met Bob who was so ready for the gospel! He climbing on a latter while we were knocking on some other doors but once he got down we talked to him about how he was Catholic but not totally sold on it. We asked what he looked for in a church, which he said was fellowship, and we set up a return appointment with him! It fell through because he was sick, but we have another for Wednesday! We also met the daughter of a former investigator, Lynn Day, which was pretty crazy! We called Lynn who didn't answer, but will keep trying. That family must need the gospel!
Favorite Quotes
"I used to save lots of those!" Sister Petras
"Cats??" Brother Petras
"No! Pamphlets!" Sister Petras
"Someone published our number under a moving company so this is our new number!" Elder Rasmussen

"You curled your bangs!" Sister Petras
"She chopped her hair!" Sister Clegg
"Pat, how did you feel when you were reading those pamphlets?" me
"Peaceful. You're sitting on it." Pat
"Oh I'm so sorry! Let me get that!" me
"It's ok, I was a little worried about it, though" Pat (we switched seats part way through the lesson so she could hear me better)
"I have a bunny...his name is Chester...he hops around" Sister Hogue
"Don't think, just eat" Sister Clegg
"No, my cat's name really is cookies oreo Mckendrick!" Sister Mckendrick
"Awkward things happen and I just lose my skeleton!" Sister Clegg
"Is that a pretend alligator?" me
"No, that's a real alligator" Sister Clegg
"Did you just say brain freeze or grape freeze??" me
"Ooh, what fun, colorful cups!" me
"Is it my turn to pray? No, I think it's your turn. Ya, it's your turn, Sister Clegg" me
"Great, anything else you'd like to say to yourself, sister Evans?" Sister Clegg
"What's that word that means you just keep coming back?" Sister Johnson
"Persistant?" me
"Ya! Ya! You two are sure persistant!" Sister Johnson
"Ya, we get that a lot" Sister Clegg

​we love Sunday tracting!

​Sister Clegg couldn't handle the glasses bigger than her face

"Sister Clegg, did you curl your hair?" Elder Nyman

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept 2 Weekly Update

Weekly Highlights!
Tuesday we got to meet with Angel, again! I had been thinking about her a lot the last few weeks, and wanted sister Clegg to meet her so badly! She has been super busy babysitting but we decided to stop by and found out her life has been super crazy, and set up a time for her to go to her neighbor's, the Wilcoxes, and have a quick lesson. Sister Wilcox was so sweet and the spirit was amazing! We get to call her again soon and set up an appointment.
Thursday we met with our less active, Margy, again. She is so sweet! She had treats, and poems for us because she was so excited! She is a chatty one but while she was talking she reminded me of a chapter in the Book of Mormon, so we read part of it with her and it answered a question I was thinking about that day, which was so cool! The spirit was teaching Sister Clegg and I as we were teaching Margy!
Friday we had another awesome lesson with Pat Johnson, whose son, Brother Willard, is in our ward. It was raining like crazy, we weren't very close to her house, and we hadn't planned on visiting her, but sister Clegg felt prompted to go, so we did! She ended up being home and we were able to teach her for an hour! We taught the restoration and after almost every sentence she would voice her excitement over the things she was teaching and the perspective she gained from having it taught to her the way it was taught! When Sister Clegg was teaching about Priesthood, which we don't usually teach a lot in the first lesson Pat told us about when her husband died and she ran over a couple hours later to the church for a blessing and already had a testimony of the restoration! We have been in much better contact with her now and can't wait to teach her tomorrow!
At church this week we had Pat, Dennis, Jessica, and Ed, which was so exciting! Sister Clegg and I thought we had died and gone to heaven, we were so excited! We also had a fun second to last p-day yesterday with Sister Mckendrick who we will miss so much! I chopped a few inches off my hair and we tried to take a tour of a chocolate factory but it wasn't open so we went to the chocolate store, which I will send pictures of soon! We met this fun lady that was so excited we were "missionaries from Utah, Idaho, and Arizona!" she gave us a tour of the store and was telling everyone to say hi to us, it was so cute! We got to teach two lessons on the street that day, all four of us, it was pretty sweet! I have been so blessed to have such great elders in our district and sister training leaders! Can't believe it's already transfers, again!
Favorite Quotes
"DON'T tell them to have a good day!" Sister Clegg (I am super awkward on the phone!)
"And why was sister Evans sitting in the back?" Elder Nyman
"Comp probs. No, just kidding!" Sister Clegg (picking up Anna for a member present)
"Why did God even make pants? Why didn't he just go straight to sweat pants??" Girl yelling in Goodwill
"Not to be creepy or anything, but you do have flat feet." Brother Moore
*thunder strikes*
"See? God agrees! I like that kind of exclamation point!" President Cleveland during the thunderstorm of Zone Conference
"It's a good thing we're not easily offended because that weight loss pudding could've been really offensive!" me
"Ya--I don't even care! Number one, I'm too tired, number three--" Sister Clegg
"wow, look at that car! What a great opportunity for CASH!" me
"Sister Evans!" Sister Clegg
"No! CASH like Compliment, Ask a question, Smile, and offer Help!" me (tips on PCing)
"You write the same as our son! We'll have to introduce you when he gets back!" Sister Mullins
"Are you hinting something?" Brother Mullins
"No...yes...I just want my kids married! I want grandkids!" Sister Mullins
"Oh ya, grandkids are the best!" me
"Oh ya? Do you have any?" Brother Mullins
"No, that's just what my parents say! I have nieces and nephews!" me
"Oh ya, we've been to their house for dinner and it's totally safe, the food is great!" me
"Totally safe?" Kris (PI)
"I mean the's great..." me
"This is a very special welcome!" Josh's baptism when Bishop went up after a classical music ringtone
"Ed did you get those flowers for Sister Shoff?" Sister Clegg
"Yes" Ed
"You're the man!" Sister Clegg
"No, she's the woman!" Ed
"Sometimes the spirit tells me to give hugs" sister Mckendrick
"Oh! ARe you from Bosnia?" Sister Mckendrick
"No." Random lady
"Oh...ok..." Sister Mckendrick
"If you're humble and you know it then you're not!" Sister Caldwell
"Awkward, you're matching!" Elder Rasmussen