Friday, February 27, 2015

January 21st Weekly Update

Exciting week!

TRANSFER WEEK! I'm now with Sister Gil who is going home after this transfer, and Sister Peel is in Plymouth with Sister Hansen, who I met when she first came out! EXCITING NEWS: the temple is being dedicated August 23rd! The open house will be July 17-August 8 and the cultural celebration on August 22nd. Crazy!!
This week one of the highlights was teaching Donna Castner! Todd Castner was a former investigator, whose record sister Peel and I found and wanted to contact. We went by and met his wife, Donna, who greeted us by asking if we could give Priesthood blessings. We told her we couldn't, but could find someone who could for her, and she gave us her number to set up an appointment. We called and called but she didn't answer, until the elders received a referral for her, probably from her aunt serving a senior mission. They were able to give him a blessing for his MS, and the elders set up a return appointment for us to meet her because they live in our area. Sister Gil and I were looking for her house when sister Gil said she thought it was the one with a sign on the door, but by the time we got turned around to park the sign was gone. We walked to the door and she said she was nervous to talk to us because of how emotional she was about the situation with her husband's health, but decided to take it down. It was taken down as we drove by! We got to know her much better and she will be hopefully calling soon to set up another appointment when she is ready.
We also had a sweet experience with Tyneka, one of the recent converts, who asked if we had a few extra Books of Mormon her kids could have. Her daughter, Akiah, definitely didn't want to go to church or even talk to us but Sister Peel and I went over to play games with them and she started to like us, and then when we went to mutual, Wednesday she was not only there but having fun with the other girls! Tyneka told us Akiah and her son were going to Seminary with Tyneka's boyfriend's kids and wanted a book for it. Her boyfriend is Brother Sperry, he's also a cop, and they're going to get married soon! They're the best, and their kids are a hoot! I'm so excited for them!


"Well, enjoy the rest of your life because we'll probably never see you again!" Library lady to Sister Peel
"Hi! How are you?" Sister Gil and I to everyone at the hospital when we went to see Sister Chisler after her surgery
"You two are such a hoot!" Sister Holt

"I think I'm moving to...moving" Sister Chisler, visited after surgery
"A condo?" Brother Holt
"No--a rehab" Sister Chisler
"Brother Holt! Who brought you, anyway?" Sister Holt

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