Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept 29 Weekly Update and Pictures

Weekly Updates!
This week we had some amazing finding experiences with the spirit and teaching others of how to feel it! Last Monday at the library we were emailing and the man at the computer next to me was struggling with the mouse and internet and technology in general so I talked to him and helped him and he talked to me for a bit before finding out I was a missionary. After he found out we were missionaries we had a sweet gospel conversation and he asked us to pray for his friend. His name is Brother Marshall and he's from South Bend but the South Bend Sisters were with us so we quickly referred him and they set up an appointment! After he was done emailing we went in a corner and prayed, all 6 of us from that table he told us he was so blessed to sit on, which was crazy! The Sisters taught him last week on exchanges and already have another appointment with him!
Wednesday we were tracting and got a referral from a guy who thought it was great we were missionaries but told us that as long as you're serving God, it doesn't matter what church you go to, which we get a lot in Mishawaka! We went over to see her and she was so sweet! Her name was Christina and she was going through a divorce, so a message helped so much! We gave her a five minute restoration lesson which we have been practicing a lot in the mission, when we asked if she had five minutes we could tell her more about our message after the initial contact and she said yes, just like we'd role played I could hardly believe it I was so excited! By the end of the lesson she had a great big smile and you could tell it was by the spirit! After sharing the first vision we asked how she felt and she said humbled, and good, and we taught her about the spirit, prompted by our learnings from mission conference! Since then we have been teaching about the spirit a lot and it is helping so many people! She wasn't feeling well when we saw her last but we will be trying back, soon!
Friday on exchanges we PCed into the nicest old man, Jim. After we began teaching him about the gospel we asked how he was feeling, and taught about the Holy Ghost. It's amazing because the spirit is so essential in conversion and a lot of times people feel it but don't appreciate or understand it! That's something we've been blessed by focusing on this week!
Updates on Ed, Pat, and Dennis:
Ed is progressing so well and makes us cry every lesson he is so prepared and sweet! We taught him about temples last week with Sister Shoff who travels a lot for work and fun, and he told her he'd be her temple buddy once he got to go through. Oh boy, we love them so much!
Dennis is continuing to progress, slowly but surely. We are still working on his testimony of the restoration, but he is learning more about the spirit and how to really study the Book of Mormon. We're bringing him to a member dinner tonight and will be teaching him about the Priesthood so we're excited! He's going through a divorce and is getting lonely, he offered to take us out for pizza sometime. We pray for him often. Yesterday he went to his normal church in the morning during our ward, and went to the Notre Dame ward with us after. They were having the Primary Program, which Dennis ended up loving! Before he was a little annoyed with the kids in Sacrament meeting, but once he appreciated they were there to learn as well, his heart was softened and it was so sweet!
Pat almost dropped us yesterday, but thankfully Sister Clegg had the prompting to go visit, even when we were super low on miles! We talked about her stress over her baptismal date and dropped the date but she agreed to continue having lessons. Oh boy, Satan's already working hard on her!
Favorite Scripture of the week:
Today I read Enos 1:11, about Enos seeking to convert others after he was converted, which reminded me of Jacob 7:24, and Alma 26:24, where others who were converted next sought to teach others. What a neat pattern, when we study the Atonement and gain a greater testimony of it, we are more desirous to share it with others!
Favorite Quotes
"That guy needs the gospel and a ride!" Sister Cutler

"I've got the girls--mission accomplished" Sister Shoff, after picking up Sister Clegg and me
"Alright, meet you at the rendezvous" Ed, after picking up pizza for dinner (AKA they are the coolest 60 year old couple you will ever meet!)
"and Sister Evans if you feel prompted to walk, don't do it! I mean--" Mishawaka Elders, trying to help me with my knees.

Sister Clegg's baptism last week

we got to see the temple progress!!

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