Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24 Weekly Update

Weekly updates!
Last week we tried to meet with Dan but his grandmother passed away and things with his family were super busy! We were so sad, but can hopefully stop by and set up another appointment with him. We had a member, Sister Hogue, lined up and there by the time we found out he didn't want to meet because the grandmother had died earlier that day, but we got to share a message with her in her car as it poured outside. Despite the lack of preparation, the spirit was so strong and we were able to share a scripture and few things that she appreciated so much! We even remembered to ask for a referral, which is something we've been working on!
One night we didn't have much time left to work and it was too dark to tract, so we decided to stop by the Bryces. We scared them at first because it was getting later, but had a great mini lesson with their family! The kids were super excited to see us, the parents were surprised we were still serving in the area, which I think means they weren't as excited that we were there! We talked about praying, though, and they said they had been praying as a family. Jocelyn said the closing prayer and it was so good, we knew they really had been praying together, and faithfully! Hopefully we can use the excitement from the kids to keep brother and sister Bryce going!
This weekend we had the rare opportunity to go to Westfield for the baptism of an investigator named Tim, that Sister Clegg taught. His wife was a member and daughters baptized, which makes me want to baptize a part member family so much! They drove 2.5 hours to get us, fed us, and we got to stay at their house! They were so sweet and it was so fun getting to know them! Even after just 24 hours together, Sister Dellinger had my email and address and everything, determined to be lifelong friends!
Yesterday we had zone conference with Elder Perkins from the 70, which was amazing! He and his wife were so sweet and so inspired, we learned so much!! We learned about the doctrine of families because our goal is to baptize families, how to live the wisdom more fully on our missions, how to teach the restoration more simply, and even had a sister group hug! We think we'll stay in our own area for a while:) By the time we got back in the car to drive home from Lafeyette, also 2.5 hours away, we all felt like casting ourselves on our beds like Lehi!

Something I learned this week: The Restoration in 10 words: "God loves you! Prophets are back! You can know! Baptism?"
Favorite Quotes!
"Eat more food, sister Clegg!" Elder Nyman
"I'm from Salina, Utah, made famous by Ephraim's Rescue!" Elder Rasmussen
" know, waka flocka flame..." Elder Nyman
"What time is it?" me
"Time to get some wings!" Sister Clegg
"Lost?" Mishawaka Elders
"but now am found!" me
"I've heard everything" Doug
"Well you haven't heard my testimony!" me
"and I don't want to" Doug
"wait what?" me
"At the wedding I threatened the camera lady, I told her do not take my picture, I'm wanted by the police!" Patricia Ann
"You didn't yawn, that means you're 50% psychopath" Brittany Braley, to sister Clegg
"No, it means there's a 50% chance you're a sociopath! I took psychology!" Adrian Braley
"sight and sound, sight and sound--Marco! Marco!" Elder Nyman
"Polo, YOLO!" Elder Rasmussen
"Boy scouts...once you're in, you never get out" Chris Sammons
"It's like the mafia" Brother Smith
"Oh we try until we're very very sure people don't like us!" me
"Well I can't imagine anyone not liking you!" Sis Jacobson
"Oh, it happens!" Sister Clegg
"You've been like beating me up with love!" Dennis
"don't worry, we're in that boat, too! We're super white, remember?" me to Dennis
"Oh wow she spoiled us!" Sister Clegg
"She spoiled us with vegetables!!" me
"6. Set goals and make plans for lessons to be taught to all other investigators--is that the pizza man? I need to go to the bathroom" Sister Clegg while weekly planning
"This is like me and these are like the missionaries" Dominic and his lego guys
"That's Sister Evans? She looks kinda creepy" Sister Clegg
"Ya, that's Darth Vader" Dominic
"Ch ch what's missing? U R" Church sign
"What happened here changed the earth" me, messing up a quote about the restoration changing the world
"Sorry, we didn't practice this that much!" Tori singing at Tim's baptism
"and substituting the law" AKA sustaining the Law, Article of Faith 12 Primary Program
"mom said we're having cookies for lunch but she can't have one cause she's on a diet" Tori Dellinger
"Brother Dellinger..." Sis Clegg
"Ya, I'm a bro now!" Tim
"And sister Clegg what's your mom's name?" Sister Dellinger
"What is this, family history?" Tim
"You're not awfully persistant, you're pleasantly persistant!" Tim to Sis Clegg
"Steppy--that's a nice name for someone who likes to be called Steppy" Sister Clegg
"Wow that truck is really suspended above...above" Sis Dellinger
"I don't know if it's because I'm naturally not as hot or because of what I'm wearing..." me
"We had to man handle that church tour...sometimes you have to man handle the situation a little" Sister Clegg
"Why didn't Lamanites kneel to pray?" Sister Cutler
"Because of all the Nephites" Sis Cutler
"Hahaha!" everyone in the car
*a few seconds later* "Oh, knee fights!!" me

"What's the 'blank' of the law of chastity?" Elder Perkins
"Don't 'blank'!"
"gotta love Jynx, sometimes you just wanna ring her neck, though!" Elder Perkins
Pictures may or may not come in another email when I figure out this computer!
Sister Evans

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