Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 8 Weekly Update and Pictures

Weekly Highlights!
On Wednesday night we had ward correlation with an emphasis on active member lessons, and Sister Clegg and I both felt like visiting the Bryces, so we hurried over to talk to them really quick before curfew. We were catching up with Brother Bryce when the spirit took over and just started teaching him, it was so neat! We were hoping to set up an appointment but instead taught him, and hopefully helped! He wasn't at church, Sunday, but hope it helped our relationship with his family!
Thursday we ran from a Relief Society activity to a lesson with Dan, who we introduced to the Book of Mormon with the pictures in front. He is taking care of his grandma nights and working days and keeping his family and their friends going without hardly any sleep! He is an amazingly humble man! We texted him the other day and he has already followed through with our reading assignment and read a few chapters! We are so excited to meet with him again, tonight! Earlier that night we taught Dennis, who has a baptismal date for the 27th, about the Word of Wisdom, as he drank a mug of coffee. Last minute we got a member to come with us who had struggles with the Word of Wisdom in the past, and we had no idea! She was so sweet and perfect for that lesson! On Saturday we met the Elders at the church so they could give Dennis a lesson, which was so powerful! They asked why he wanted a blessing and he told them about how he wanted some help figuring out if this church was right for him and help quitting coffee. The spirit during that blessing was amazing and he even admitted that he appreciated Sister Clegg and I texting him at 4 in the morning to help him not drink coffee before work.
Friday, oh my, it was so exciting! We had dinner with a member, Tara, and shared verses from Mosiah 18 about the blessing of the companionship of the Holy Ghost we receive after baptism, and she was so excited she asked if we could read more verses after because they were some of her favorites! She said after we left last time we had dinner with her she was on such a spiritual high she ran in her room and read her scriptures, which made us smile! We were taking some trash out for her and her mom who is elderly and living with her when it started pouring! Our next appointments were all falling through and no one would answer their door so we ran around in the rain doing the best we could to find those searching for the gospel! At one door we couldn't avoid puddles any longer and broke down laughing so hard! We decided to stop by a recent convert, Brother Sandsmarck, and his family who kindly let us in to share a message. The spirit helped us know what their needs were and how we could share something to help them, which was pretty humbling and so neat to be a part of!
Saturday we went tracting around the Dave and Becky Smith's before dinner and met Bob who was so ready for the gospel! He climbing on a latter while we were knocking on some other doors but once he got down we talked to him about how he was Catholic but not totally sold on it. We asked what he looked for in a church, which he said was fellowship, and we set up a return appointment with him! It fell through because he was sick, but we have another for Wednesday! We also met the daughter of a former investigator, Lynn Day, which was pretty crazy! We called Lynn who didn't answer, but will keep trying. That family must need the gospel!
Favorite Quotes
"I used to save lots of those!" Sister Petras
"Cats??" Brother Petras
"No! Pamphlets!" Sister Petras
"Someone published our number under a moving company so this is our new number!" Elder Rasmussen

"You curled your bangs!" Sister Petras
"She chopped her hair!" Sister Clegg
"Pat, how did you feel when you were reading those pamphlets?" me
"Peaceful. You're sitting on it." Pat
"Oh I'm so sorry! Let me get that!" me
"It's ok, I was a little worried about it, though" Pat (we switched seats part way through the lesson so she could hear me better)
"I have a bunny...his name is Chester...he hops around" Sister Hogue
"Don't think, just eat" Sister Clegg
"No, my cat's name really is cookies oreo Mckendrick!" Sister Mckendrick
"Awkward things happen and I just lose my skeleton!" Sister Clegg
"Is that a pretend alligator?" me
"No, that's a real alligator" Sister Clegg
"Did you just say brain freeze or grape freeze??" me
"Ooh, what fun, colorful cups!" me
"Is it my turn to pray? No, I think it's your turn. Ya, it's your turn, Sister Clegg" me
"Great, anything else you'd like to say to yourself, sister Evans?" Sister Clegg
"What's that word that means you just keep coming back?" Sister Johnson
"Persistant?" me
"Ya! Ya! You two are sure persistant!" Sister Johnson
"Ya, we get that a lot" Sister Clegg

​we love Sunday tracting!

​Sister Clegg couldn't handle the glasses bigger than her face

"Sister Clegg, did you curl your hair?" Elder Nyman

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