Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6 Weekly Update and Pictures

Weekly Highlights!
This week we got to serve Val Williams, from the ward. She asked us to help her change the air vent in her basement that she couldn't get to very well. We were struggling pretty badly because the parts weren't fitting right so I asked if we could pray and try it again. I got to say it, and it was so humbling! Heavenly Father showed me how he saw her and how many prayers she needed for her family and health problems and house, it was amazing! Then Val got an idea, and asked me to climb up and try it. It took me a while to figure out what she wanted me to do, bless her heart, but I figured it out finally and we got it! We shared a message after about how much Heavenly Father loves us, knows us, and cares about us, to our smallest cares like air vents!
This week we got to teach a less active's husband, Steve Breen, which was amazing! He was so prepared, and there was such a spirit there! His wife and mother in law and half their family were in the kitchen canning apples and being super loud but Sister Clegg was praying for the spirit to be there at least for the first vision and as soon as we began sharing it, it was super quiet! At the end he committed to being baptized and said the prayer, and we were so humbled! He had found the path he was looking for and we were and are so excited!
We also taught Rob again, Laura Smith's boyfriend, who committed to baptism, as well! When we extended the date to him he said "OF THIS YEAR??" but said he would do his best! They have to get married first but he wants to change so much!
This week we went out for ice cream with a member and her daughter. Sister Braley had had a rough week and it was Brittany's birthday the day before or so, so we took them out and oh my, what a hoot it was! The guy working came over and asked if we had just come from a function, confused why Sister Clegg and I were all dressed up. We told him we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Sister Braley told him she'd had a rough week so we were taking her out, and he was just getting more confused as we went haha! I mentioned we were also celebrating a birthday for Brittany and then he got really excited and ran to the back! He came back with a birthday hat for her and made her stand up on a chair while he sang to her, she was so embarrassed! She was such a good sport and is luckily still talking to me! They were doing ribbons for breast cancer awareness and said we could write ANYTHING encouraging, so we of course were looking up the best quotes from conference and writing scriptures on them:).
Conference was AMAZING and I could write an entire email about it but I will try to spare you all! We watched two sessions at the church, one of them with Ed and Dennis, which was great! Ed was so excited to meet Dennis and was telling him about how he needed to come to his baptism on the 18th, it was so great! We also watched a session with the Ward Mission leader, Brother Petras's family, and the Bishop's family, the Lees, which was so much fun! Before going to the Lee's yesterday we were tracting in their neighborhood and ran into a lady, well,stalked into her garage as she was coming home (the spirit told us to, don't worry), and found out she knew Sister Lee and was thinking about checking out our church! She was so elect and we are so excited we are trying not to be too much!
Favorite Quotes!
"you two are like bags of fertilizer" Dennis, giving us a very serious and sincere compliment which we had to laugh about later
"and we're grateful for dramatic children" Sister Caplinger as her granddaughter cried through the prayer
"we're not missionaries, we're date crashers! We're the worst!!" Sister Clegg, trying to coordinate church keys with Bishop and Brother Smith, who were both on dates with their wives

Conference with Bishop's family, the Lees!

Ice Cream with the Braleys!

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