Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept 2 Weekly Update

Weekly Highlights!
Tuesday we got to meet with Angel, again! I had been thinking about her a lot the last few weeks, and wanted sister Clegg to meet her so badly! She has been super busy babysitting but we decided to stop by and found out her life has been super crazy, and set up a time for her to go to her neighbor's, the Wilcoxes, and have a quick lesson. Sister Wilcox was so sweet and the spirit was amazing! We get to call her again soon and set up an appointment.
Thursday we met with our less active, Margy, again. She is so sweet! She had treats, and poems for us because she was so excited! She is a chatty one but while she was talking she reminded me of a chapter in the Book of Mormon, so we read part of it with her and it answered a question I was thinking about that day, which was so cool! The spirit was teaching Sister Clegg and I as we were teaching Margy!
Friday we had another awesome lesson with Pat Johnson, whose son, Brother Willard, is in our ward. It was raining like crazy, we weren't very close to her house, and we hadn't planned on visiting her, but sister Clegg felt prompted to go, so we did! She ended up being home and we were able to teach her for an hour! We taught the restoration and after almost every sentence she would voice her excitement over the things she was teaching and the perspective she gained from having it taught to her the way it was taught! When Sister Clegg was teaching about Priesthood, which we don't usually teach a lot in the first lesson Pat told us about when her husband died and she ran over a couple hours later to the church for a blessing and already had a testimony of the restoration! We have been in much better contact with her now and can't wait to teach her tomorrow!
At church this week we had Pat, Dennis, Jessica, and Ed, which was so exciting! Sister Clegg and I thought we had died and gone to heaven, we were so excited! We also had a fun second to last p-day yesterday with Sister Mckendrick who we will miss so much! I chopped a few inches off my hair and we tried to take a tour of a chocolate factory but it wasn't open so we went to the chocolate store, which I will send pictures of soon! We met this fun lady that was so excited we were "missionaries from Utah, Idaho, and Arizona!" she gave us a tour of the store and was telling everyone to say hi to us, it was so cute! We got to teach two lessons on the street that day, all four of us, it was pretty sweet! I have been so blessed to have such great elders in our district and sister training leaders! Can't believe it's already transfers, again!
Favorite Quotes
"DON'T tell them to have a good day!" Sister Clegg (I am super awkward on the phone!)
"And why was sister Evans sitting in the back?" Elder Nyman
"Comp probs. No, just kidding!" Sister Clegg (picking up Anna for a member present)
"Why did God even make pants? Why didn't he just go straight to sweat pants??" Girl yelling in Goodwill
"Not to be creepy or anything, but you do have flat feet." Brother Moore
*thunder strikes*
"See? God agrees! I like that kind of exclamation point!" President Cleveland during the thunderstorm of Zone Conference
"It's a good thing we're not easily offended because that weight loss pudding could've been really offensive!" me
"Ya--I don't even care! Number one, I'm too tired, number three--" Sister Clegg
"wow, look at that car! What a great opportunity for CASH!" me
"Sister Evans!" Sister Clegg
"No! CASH like Compliment, Ask a question, Smile, and offer Help!" me (tips on PCing)
"You write the same as our son! We'll have to introduce you when he gets back!" Sister Mullins
"Are you hinting something?" Brother Mullins
"No...yes...I just want my kids married! I want grandkids!" Sister Mullins
"Oh ya, grandkids are the best!" me
"Oh ya? Do you have any?" Brother Mullins
"No, that's just what my parents say! I have nieces and nephews!" me
"Oh ya, we've been to their house for dinner and it's totally safe, the food is great!" me
"Totally safe?" Kris (PI)
"I mean the food...it's great..." me
"This is a very special welcome!" Josh's baptism when Bishop went up after a classical music ringtone
"Ed did you get those flowers for Sister Shoff?" Sister Clegg
"Yes" Ed
"You're the man!" Sister Clegg
"No, she's the woman!" Ed
"Sometimes the spirit tells me to give hugs" sister Mckendrick
"Oh! ARe you from Bosnia?" Sister Mckendrick
"No." Random lady
"Oh...ok..." Sister Mckendrick
"If you're humble and you know it then you're not!" Sister Caldwell
"Awkward, you're matching!" Elder Rasmussen

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