Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20 Weekly Update and Pictures

Last week in Mishawaka! AHH!
This week we had more amazing experiences, as usual! We were trying to set up an appointment with Dan who is still recuperating from the funeral of his grandma that he took care of, but he was super busy and short with us on the phone, which was unusual for him. During weekly planning we felt impressed to text him a scripture because we were worried about him and he gave us a call that we were super afraid was going to be a drop call! He thanked us for the scripture and after we talked for a bit set up a better day to call and set up a time, and he didn't drop us! It was a little miracle but meant a lot to us.

Another day this week we were coming back from Margy's when we drove by Patricia Ann's whose house was super dark and it was getting later but I told Sister Clegg to stop so we could see her. She ended up being home and let us in! She was struggling because the next day was the funeral for her niece, who was one of her best friends. We taught her a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and prayed with her and assured her that we were still looking out for her! It was so sweet and it was amazing that we caught her at home!

The highlight of the week, was definitely Ed's baptism!! He is so elect and was so prepared! The night before we watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration with him, and he cried through so much of it that we were crying too! At the baptism he bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon and the spirit he felt the first time outside the Las Vegas temple, and it was the sweetest thing. After he was confirmed yesterday he was already fellowshipping our investigators and being a missionary!
We were super sad Rob didn't come to the baptism but he did go to church yesterday and ended up loving it! Rob and Laura got an apartment in the city of Mishawaka but the South Bend ward, and we were so sad! We went by to see him last night because he was super sad it was almost transfers and he already knew and trusted us, and we read a chapter in the Book of Mormon with him. He loved it and even though he had a hard time with the wording, got into it and downloaded it on his phone so he could keep up in Priesthood the next week! Please pray he will do well with the transition!
I'm officially headed to Indy next transfer, Sister Clegg is leaving and going Sister Training Leader, a trainer and trainee will come in behind us, Elder Rasmussen is going Zone Leader, and Elder Nyman is training! What a blessing it's been serving with amazing missionaries and in such a great ward with such great investigators! I have learned so much.

Favorite Quotes!
"Sister Evans is leaving? Geez!...Tell her she can't go!" Jessica
"I know, I've been telling her that and she's not listening!" Sister Clegg
"He's getting so old he peed in the house the other day right in front of me!" Greg Forsythe, talking about their dog
"Poor Peppy!" me
"Poor Peppy? Poor me! I had to clean it up!" Greg
"Tell her to come over for gumbo and we'll talk about the gospel!" Sister Mullins, one of the best member missionaries ever!
"all you need is the Priesthood and Melaluka!" Tara Ciesiolka, advice for being sick/prepared for anything.

Ed's baptism with Sister Shoff!

Breakfast with Monica, Alaina (members), and Jessica (Investigator)

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