Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22 Weekly Update and Pictures

Weekly highlights!
On the fourteenth we had to take the car in the shop so we got to stay at the sister training leaders' apartment, where they played guitar for us and made lunch. They are so sweet! That day at the library we found a lot of awesome Mormon Messages that we got to show Jessica the next day, it was so great!
Sister Ruth has been struggling and on the fifteenth I was trying so hard that day to find ways to help her, especially during studies, but mostly found "Be still and know that I am God and all flesh is in My hands". It was pretty hard because I wanted to help, but we talked to President Cleveland for help and he told me that I was the best companion for Sister Ruth by being there for her, which was so comforting. That day we got to play volleyball with the stake because some of our investigators were there, and it was pretty fun. Volleyball ends up being mostly retries and laughing but it is fun. I wore my BYU shirt and ended up being "sister Loyal Strong and True" for the day.
On the sixteenth persistence helped us find Vikki in the hospital. We called her family a few times to see if we were at the right hospital and what her maiden name was in case she was in under that name, and finally found her! Her husband is a less active and they have a pretty rough home life. When we were there she was very sick but her husband asked if she wanted a priesthood blessing and she said yes so the elders went and gave her a blessing and it was so neat. After ward correlation sister Ruth got a blessing that was amazing! It was such a confirmation that God knows each of us so perfectly! We were both so comforted.
On the 17th we got to help sew busy aprons for autistic kids in the food pantry and later, with members, shared "Following Up" from Elder Ballard. It is a great talk from conference about using the full name of the church to help others recognize our faith in Christ, and studying Preach My Gospel to increase missionary opportunities. It is a must read!
On the 18th we had district meeting in Plymouth, but got lost on the way back! We were on some random freeway and Sister Ruth was worried so I asked if we should pray and she said yes, and asked me to say a power prayer:) we were able to find our way home and have a good day! That day we had a ward picnic that Jessica and her family came to! It was awesome because not all her family is super excited about the church. She noticed Sister Ruth and I both had CTR rings and decided she wanted one too, so that was cool!
On the 19th we taught Nora, and it was amazing!! She related to us the confirmation she had to be baptized and the spirit was so strong we had to pass around a box of tissues. She just graduated, her best friend who introduced her to the church just left on a mission, and she's going to school soon, so she's been going through a lot of changes, but was finally able to find peace!
On the 20th we went to visit Angie but she was in the hospital too, her less active son told us. We did get to talk to him, though, and found it he was so ready for the gospel at that moment! We were talking to him about scriptures and prayer when we both felt prompted to commit to stop smoking, which was crazy but awesome! He was so excited he wants home teachers, rides to church, volleyball, basketball, and our addiction recovery class! We gave him the number for the elders and when we called to let them know Patrick had already called them! We are so excited for him! We also had a cool spiritual moment when we were deciding between two ladies who to go see when Sister Ruth and I both felt like we should go visit a less active family. They were home and were so excited to see us! They said that day they couldn't stop thinking about the last time they saw the sisters and committed to going to the genealogy fair this week! We already have another appointment set up and are so excited!
Yesterday we had interviews and they were great. They got off schedule so president was hurrying when he got to me but basically said "you're awesome, get out!" but it was exactly what I needed. Yesterday we ended up having great lessons even with our funky schedule. Our last one was supposed to be with Jessica, but her boyfriend asked her on a date last minute so she asked us to teach her family, instead. We told stories about Moses because her niece was little and super excited about learning, which turned into us teaching them the wise man and foolish man song, but it was great! We are hoping Jaylee's enthusiasm will help her mom let her go to Primary. I'll keep you updated!
Favorite quotes:
"Mailman! Stop! I live in this house!" Shania, after our appointment with her mom
"This week I made the mistake of praying for humility so it's been interesting" Elder Young
"Welcome to Mishawaka flocka rocka!" Elder Johnson
"That darn principle of agency!" Elder Stott, sister Odermott's friend

"Maybe you're just not supposed to have super toasted toast" Sister Ruth
"Hey Jesus girls! Church people!" Jaylee
"Stop becoming sons of perdition!" Sister Ruth to her runaway Plan of Salvation cutouts
"oh you're not 5'7", baby!" Brother Johnson (old less active man)
"I think I'm 5'7" and a quarter" me
"oh, ok" Brother Johnson
"I'll have like a baby scoop of ice cream" me
"would you like a baby brownie too?" Sister Crowder

"You definitely need to go see my son! You, Sister Ruth, with your evolution insights, and you, sister Evans, with your knees and girlish charm!" Sister Marvin
Until next time!
Sister Evans

St. Joe Riverwalk

Sister Training leaders, Sister Ruth and me. We had to get pictures in our matching braids.

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