Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14 Weekly Update

Time for updates!
Last p-day we learned the cup song which ended up mostly making us laugh really hard. Sister Mcendrick was trying to teach me through lots of weird noises and we were just cracking up!
On the 8th we also had a lot of excitement. I set off the fire alarm burning toast on the lowest setting, saw a crab at the library we volunteer at, and witnessed an investigator's neighbor scolding a squirrel on his porch that wouldn't move. That day we got to teach Angel who is still super excited, and started teaching the daughter of a part-member, less active family. Her name is Mckenzie.
On the 9th Sister Ruth and I got to experience the adventure of the doctors office as missionaries. The doctor had us in and out as fast as possible, but we still got her a card:). People also looked at us a little funny when we were smelling candles in wallmart waiting for prescriptions. What a presence we have as missionaries! We had dinner with the Howards, where we shared a talk from women's conference. We were planning on just Sister Howard being there, but Brother Howard was home from work and listening, too. We were so worried about our choice, but it turned out being great for both of them! Heavenly Father helped us find the parts that would help them both, which was very cool.
On the 10th we had dinner with a member family with a few cats, which tried to eat part of our dinner, mostly unsuccessfully. After we went to knock on a door an investigator had referred to us and had the hardest time finding somewhere to park! The road was very narrow and so were so many around it! We parked along the street to say a quick prayer and had the strangest impression we just needed to go home and continue planning. It seemed like a strange impression but it was comforting to be reminded how involved the Lord is in His work.
The 11th was very exciting! We extended a date to Angel of August 23rd. She had already committed to baptism on another appointment but told us she was actually thinking about September 21st, which is her birthday. She said her birthday or her mom's birthday would probably be good. We asked when her mom's birthday was and she told us it was the 23rd! We extended her her mom's birthday!! We could hardly believe it! We also had zone meeting that day and learned so much!
On the 12th one visit we had made me smile. It was with a less active named Margi, who, at the end, asked me to say the closing prayer because of the good advice she said I gave her. It made me realize that the smallest things we say through the spirit can make such an impact! I also got to share a few cheesy quotes with her:)
Yesterday was super awesome! We met with a recent convert who had questions last visit about temples and baptisms for the dead. We showed him a video about temples which made his wife as well as Sister Ruth and me cry. We shared with him about times we felt peace in the temple--Sister Ruth when she got her endowments out and me when I walked up to the Provo temple from my apartment because my knees were so sore but they didn't hurt on my way or in the temple--and the spirit was so strong! After we extended him the commitment to get a recommend he turned to his wife and said "Kristen! Get out the phone! We need to call bishop! Right now!" and she was like "David! He's out of town!" but we were like "you can still set up an appointment! We'll get you a number of one of his counselors!" so he's super excited and so are we! We saw Angel again yesterday and she told us she was leaning toward the 23rd of August, and we were squealing in the car we were so excited! Our sister training leaders had a baptism yesterday for this cute little old lady named Anna, that we got to bring Nora and Jessica to, who both loved it! We learned the other day a statistic that 80% of nonmembers/investigators who attend a baptism will attend their own baptism in the future, so we are hoping that will help them! Jessica didn't make it to church yesterday but when she came to the baptism with us she was so excited to see sister Crowder, who had had us over for dinner with some of her friends the night before. She asked when our next "girls night" was and we were so excited that she was making such great friends!
I forgot my camera cord today but will send pictures next week!

Favorite quotes of the week include:
"Teancom is like a modern day spiderman, or maybe a ninja, because ninjas are cooler" sister Ruth
"Sister Ruth, this is the second day we've matched, unintentionally!" me
"Yesterday we both wore mint, white and black" Sister Ruth
"Mint?" Elder Easter
"Yes" Sister Ruth
"Male translation?" Elder Easter
"Light green." Sister Ruth
"Sister missionaries are like the future stripling warrior moms! Moms of a super buff, super tough, super awesome Army of Helaman!" me
"Now that I've got you both crying, I'll pray" David Wilcox (temples)
"I try not to sneeze on my name tag but it happens like everyday" Sister Bowen
Have a great week!

Sister Evans

​Crab from the library! One of the workers came back from Boston with it in her carry on! The library is much more exciting than you would think.

​I tried dipping my toast in soup but it was too far gone. Notice the low level of the toaster.

​Sister Ruth and I went with Sister Bowen and Sister Mcendrick to see Anna who got baptised yesterday! She is the cutest lady who knows the scriptures inside and out! She also sings and plays the guitar. She was telling us about the "gospel parties" her and her husband have praising Jesus, she is pretty funny! Needless to say, there were a lot of "hallelujah"s at her baptism but our investigators loved her and wanted to have a lesson with her sometime. We just love Anna! Also, sister Ruth and I totally matched unintentionally. 

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