Monday, August 4, 2014

Aug 4 Weekly Update and Pictures

​Finally got a picture of the sign of my area!
Also, I almost forgot favorite quotes of the week!
"Are you stalking me?" Sister Oswalt, at the store
"Hey! I saw you guys at Dairy Queen the other day and I've seen you like 5 times since then!" guy at Kroger
"What's the area like?" Sister Mckendrick to the Logansport elders
"Meth and mopeds" Elders
"Meth and mopads?" Sister Mckendrick
"I've been out for 11 months" Elder Bush, when I was trying to give him a pep talk (super awkward)
"Woods cross? Did you know Lexi Midgley?" Elder West
"I did! I ran track and cross country with her!" me
"Oh ok, I went on a date with her once. Is she...married?" Elder West
"Is she what??" me
"Is she married?" Elder West
"Oh, uh...not last I checked!"
"What kind of cheese?" Subway worker
"Murikan" Subway guy
"Murikah!" Sister Clegg and me
"Why was everyone born in the 19?" Allie Braley (19th century)
"We know baptisms have a special spirit and would love to see you and your family and friends there!" Sister Clegg and me
" I've already been baptized" Shauna
"Cello wars! It's like star wars but with cellos!" me
"I think our cat...I hate to say gay...he's just really feminine" Brother Smith
"Sorry, we got talking to a Jehova's Witness but we're on our way home!" me
"A JW? How'd you meet him?" District leader
"Ya, a JW! How's my knee?" me
"No, how'd you meet him?"
"Oh! Well we were coming back-"
"This is just normal bug spray, like for humans" Sister Clegg
"well, I'm gonna go get in my pajamas so if I get attacked by bugs at least I'll be in my pajamas" me
"oh boy, struggle bus" Sister Clegg

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