Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18 Weekly Updates and Pictures

Today I've been in Indiana 2 months and it is awesome! This week has flown so quick I could hardly keep track!
On the 12th Sister Clegg and I did service at Sister Shoff's house, helping her clean before she went out of town for work and had company over! She is the cutest lady in her 50s with the cutest house, and her house smells the best! While we were cleaning the floor in the bathroom she was giving us a fashion show in the closet and just giggling with us, it was the cutest thing! Later her boyfriend, Ed, who is investigating the church came over! We got to teach him the restoration and the spirit was amazing, his testimony is already so strong! We invited him to pray about a baptismal date, which shocked Sister Shoff, but he said he would! He got sick and we haven't been able to meet with again, last week, but we are hopeful to get back with him this week!
On the 13th we got to meet with Orlando, who we found through a miracle the other week! He was so humble and so open to the message of the Plan of Salvation, it was amazing! We were so excited we wanted to teach him everything! We have another appointment with him this week and have a member lined up to come, already!
On the 14th we had two super awesome miracles! We had a less active, Sister Forsythe, call us in the morning, telling us she was having a really hard time and needed someone to talk to, and we had an appointment cancel, so we ran over to see her. She was looking for a blessing from the Elders, so we called them but they couldn't get there for a bit. While we were waiting she was telling us all the things that she was struggling with, which was a lot! It was amazing to see her after the blessing, she was not only so much more peaceful, but excited and laughing! She wants to come back to church but needs a new outfit so she set up a time to go shopping with us today! She keeps moving up the time she is so excited, it just makes us smile! That day we taught Dennis in the church after such a powerful church tour, which was so cool! The spirit was so strong and so humbling! The spirit of the tour and being in the church helped him progress so much!
On the 15th we gave another church tour, which means we show investigators specific paintings in the church to help them understand some of our basic beliefs and help them feel the spirit. This time we gave it to a part member/less active family, the Dirks. Vikki was pretty closed off to the church for a while but she was in the hospital recently which helped her see her priorities better, and when she walked in the church you could tell she felt the spirit! In just the first couple of minutes when we were telling her how much her Heavenly Father loved her she was already crying, it was so touching! She loved it and even accepted an invitation to pray about baptism at the end! That day we found two others who had been prepared, a Catholic, and a less active, which were so cool!
Saturday the 16th we knocked on a lady's door while she was having dinner, which we are pretty good at, but she told us she wanted us to come back, and ended up talking to us for a few minutes! She's had a lot of exposure to our church and was very interested, so we are excited to see her, again! We also met the nonmember husband of a less active ward member, who we taught the restoration to and invited to a ward party! He is super interested and already knows a bunch, so that was exciting! That day we also met our second Muslim family in one week! They were so sweet and let us in to talk to them. They were telling us about their religion when I had the prompting to teach them the restoration. I was nervous but the farther I got, the more interested they were! The husband had this little light come in his eye and said he was interested in a church tour! He didn't commit to a time but we think he'll call us again, soon.
What a week!
Favorite quotes:
"who did I talk to on the phone that said you were going to be here in 7 minutes?" Brother Brincefield
"that was me..haha" me
"do you have GPS or something that told you that?" Brother Brincefield
"Yep! It said 7 minutes and I couldn't say 10 or 5 or a few, so I said 7!" me
"are you two related?" Sister Clegg
"No. We're not even the same nationality." a gay couple we met after an appointment with a less active
"I know the gospel can help you through hard times--" Sister Clegg
"I'm not going through a hard time." same guys

"I'm sister Evans! Can I have a five high, too?"
"Oh! I just swallowed a bug!" Sister Clegg
"Ya, there are a lot of them out there!" man whose door we knocked on
"Yep, sounds like I'm gonna be pretty full!" Sister Clegg
"Oh my! My blanket fell off and I wasn't ready!" me
"Sister Evans, remember that time our trailer was 62 and you were icing your knees?"
"The Lord is my light, then why should I...AHHH! My sweater is so cold!!" operatically singing hymns while getting ready
"I wanna be queen of the girls!" Hannah Willard (7), during a service project
"Fine, you can be in charge of the pretty sister in the blue shirt!" Hayden Willard (5)
"The spider from Harry Potter? Ya, it's under that shed." Elder Rasmussen, same service project
"I'm just drinking the juice!" William Rose (member's little boy) eating everyone's leftover ice cream
"Please help me to know if the BOM is true, I mean I know, but please help me" Dennis's forced prayer
""Please help me to know about...uuuuuggghh...baptism" Dennis
"Please help me reach my know what they are...she knows what they are...other people know what they are..." Ed's prayer about marrying Sister Shoff
"BYU-I, also known as BYU-I-do--" Sister Clegg
"Ooh honey, let's go there!" Ed
"this is off topic but did you know Robin Williams died?" Derrick Dirks (LA)
"Yes, so Vikki, the temple in Indianapolis..." Sister Clegg
"And I like white people! Especially their restaurants! Applebees is my favorite!" Patricia Ann (Investigator)
"Ooh! There's someone in the garage! Let's go talk to them!!" me
"You're so smiley! You're just such good ambassadors!" Kathy (Catholic investigator)
"Who would you like to say the prayer, Steve?" Sister Clegg
"How can I pick? You're both so pretty!" Steve Breen, now investigator, LA wife

"Come in! What are you selling?" Fatima, Muslim lady
"Why are you both so pretty?" Wally, Muslim husband of Fatima
"Larry H. Miller? Didn't he just die?" Elder Rasmussen
"No, that was Robin Williams!" me

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