Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec 1 Weekly Update and Pictures

This week was full of a lot, including surprises, and miracles! To start, Sister Ostler and I were looking for a less active we met going to lunch the other day, but couldn't remember her last name or find her from her first name, she was no where to be found on the directory! Friday sister Ostler wasn't feeling well so she laid down for a nap and I was updating the area book when I found a super old teaching record for her! I was showing Sister Ostler after she woke up when she told me that she'd dreamed that we went back to talk to her and she gave her a sticky note with her address but it was blank! We ended up finding her address and going to see her that night, it was so neat!
Another amazing part of this week was the launching of the "He is the Gift" video initiative! We've already found two new investigators and received a member referral and it's only been a few days! One's name is Brian and he has quite the story! He is the neighbor of Brother and Sister Chapman, who just left to Florida for the winter, but went to go meet him with us a couple three weeks ago or something. When he first met us he was pretty excited to show and tell about some anti things he had and other things he'd learned, and was pretty intense! He was telling us how he'd had a mormon girlfriend try to convert him and set him up with missionaries and he would have none of it! At the end Sister Ostler bore her testimony, and he told her of anyone, she came the closest to converting him than anyone had! We had to hurry to dinner, but that Sunday the Chapmans were super excited to tell us what happened after that! About 30 minutes later, Brian went over to the Chapmans and apologized for being rude, and said he wanted to talk more about our beliefs, which he did very civilly. They then had dinner, talking about home teaching and addiction recovery classes, which intrigued him. They invited him to church but he wasn't sure he'd feel welcome, being a Catholic. The other day we went back to see him and he apologized for being rude, was super nice, and we had a great visit with him! He said he felt bad about how closed off he'd been and was praying for God to show him what he should do! He was super chatty, telling us about government conspiracies and churches he had been to in the past, even acting out some pentecostal church scenes in his yard and his neighbors were all staring, oh my, we were dying!! We told him about the Christmas video and set up another appointment with him! Sister Ostler is so going to baptize him!
So the biggest surprise this week was transfer calls! Sister Ostler and I were expecting to both stay, and just get a text Sunday night. We were at Bishop's Saturday night for a ward council party when the elders got a call from President Cleveland, and they told us they were doing transfer calls early, and we should pay attention to our phone! We laughed because we were sure we'd both be staying, but we pulled the phone out and had a missed call from President! We hurried and went in a quiet room to sit down and called him back. He said Sister Ostler was staying and training a new missionary, and I would be leaving but staying close to Physical Therapy! We were blown away! Luckily I'll probably be able to come back for our baptisms coming up!

Thanksgiving with the Meachams and Tori!

Thanksgiving at Tori's grandma's house!
favorite quotes!
"That was probably part of Satan's plan!" Sister Ostler, referring to confusing patterns in last names, while doing family history
"I am patient! I'm just trying to teach him how to drive!" Brother Brown to Sister Brown as they were driving us home from physical therapy
"I pick the sisters" Tori picking teams for "Bigger Better Best" at mutual
"Ok! Can we go to the bathroom now?" me
"Hoping you had a peaceful day" me, reading a text from Brenda
"A feasible day?" Sister Ostler
"No, a peaceful day!" me

"March 15th is the day!" Brian predicting the fail of the money system
"That's 2 days before my birthday!" Sister Ostler
"We better get your birthday shopping done early, then!" me
"I love you, sister Evans, even your low 5s are peppy!" Sister Ostler
"Hope you had a feasible day!" Tori
thanks for reading, have a great week and WATCH "HE IS THE GIFT" IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!!

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