Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17 Weekly Update and Pictures

Hello again! It's been quite the week!
This week we received and taught a referral from the White River Elders named Antonio who is amazing!! His friend was living in Indy, where the Elders found and were teaching him. The friend moved to Georgia, and he actually lives in our area, so that's some of the back story. He is super chatty, and Brother Baumgartner who we brought with us could hardly stop talking to him! It was a Hoosier lesson! He was already reading the Book of Mormon, though, and when we invited him to baptism he was so excited! He called his friend to tell her he was getting baptized soon and would let her know when he was put on a date! AHH he is so ready!!
Adam, Zach's brother, got approval from his parents for his baptism to be December 13th!! We are still working with Timothy but are so excited about how excited Timothy is! We also were able to get a Book of Mormon to an investigator that is super hard to get a hold of and have finally been able to set up appointments with her! I think she is going to progress really quick!
I got to call Ed this week and we were so excited! He is doing so well! He told me about how he had born his testimony in church and even wrote President Cleveland about how much the gospel and Sister Clegg and I meant to him, he is amazing! When we had interviews this week with President I told him about it and he was so excited to read the letter! Interviews were so great, I am so grateful for President Cleveland! Him being my mission president was definitely inspired!
One tender mercy we saw this week was one day Sister Ostler got a migraine that was much worse than most that she gets, and was having a hard time driving, but our dinner that night was with a member who is a nurse, and she let us come over early so Sister Ostler got to lay down and get feeling a little better. We also had a member drop us off a bunch of cuties and a card when we were feeling a little overwhelmed, and it made our day! Also, today I went to Physical Therapy which was pretty exciting! Hopefully I'll be in and out in 4 weeks!
One of my favorite scriptures this week is 3 Nephi 13:24 because all we need to do is take life one day at a time and trust in our Heavenly Father! He is so caring and loving he takes care of what we cannot!

FHE at a member's house with Tori (recent convert) Marina (member), Emory (investigator), Zach (recent convert) Austin (investigator)

The first snow that stuck (and first snowball fight!)
Favorite Quotes!
"Baptize nations with this!" Elder Buchanon during a training in Zone Meeting
"I wanna baptize the President!" Sister Ostler
"President Cleveland is already baptized!...oh wait..." me
"How old are you, Sister Evans?" Elder Mills
"5 Months!" me
"No, how old are you?
"Oh...19" me
"Oh life saving day! There are ear muffs in here!" Sister Ostler
"It looks so warm but feels so cold it's like so facade-ish!" Sister Ostler
Have a great week! Thanks for reading!

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